Sunday, March 30, 2008

Idaho for Easter

We went to Idaho this past weekend to hang out with my side of the family. It was really nice besides the fact that Tim had a bad cold and Aubriana and I were catching it. It was so awesome to see (almost) everyone. Below are pictures of Aubriana's Great Grandma's. The one is a four generation picture. Tim wasn't able to get that great of a picture cause Aubriana was more interested in sucking on Grandma Gloria's hand. :) The other is a picture of my dad's mom, Grandma Carmen. She is staying in a elderly home and she looked really good. She use to have red hair and now it is solid white. I think its so pretty. Unfortunately she didn't know who I was. She knew she had 6 son's and she listed them to us in order but when we talked to her about my dad, she didn't remember. I was kinda sad but she is happy and she was loving Aubriana. It was so good to see her.

Anyway, the trip went really well. My mom made me my favorite food of all time... fried scones. I love them smothered in syrup. YUM! It made my trip so worth it among other things ;)

It was also fun to see all the babies in the family. Samuel and Jaxon are so cute! Those are Emily and Melissa's boys... the ones that will be ganging up on Aubriana when they get older. But she'll be bossy and tough and they'll be afraid when she comes around. :)
Below are some more fun photo's we got.... :)

my mom & very tall little sister

me and desi smoochin on aubri

grandpa scott & aubri


  1. I've checked several times a day to see if you had pics posted from your trip to Idaho yet! So glad you were able to come! We loved seeing you and little Aubriana in person! Any news on your next work assignment yet?

  2. It was so great that you were able to come for a visit! Too bad we didn't get to talk more, but that's what happens when you have kids I guess!

  3. It was so fun having you guys here last weekend! And it was fun to have 3 of the 4 babies together! Aubri is even more pretty in person! We'll have to plan a big get-together soon with all the babies.

  4. Your mom is such a babe! Did she tell you last year (I think) we ran into her celebrating her anniversary at some natural hot springs? It was pitch black, but I recognized her by her voice-crazy, huh? I can't believe what a heart-breaker Desi is, totally beautiful! How old is she know? I feel so old! :/


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