Monday, March 31, 2008


BIG PROBLEM! I have a thumb sucker on my hands! It's hillarious, but oh so bad. I tell her no no! (hence the nick name from her Grandpa Dave) and pull her thumb out of her mouth and stick her pacifier in. Well, she quickly yanks out the pacifer and there goes the thumb, right back in. I continue this cycle for quite a while. It's like she knows she is doing something naughty and gives me these looks of guilt. She's so my bundle of joy!


  1. But she looks so cute sucking her thumb! :)

  2. Just be happy she has found something to passify herself. Evan just wanted to nurse. That gets old fast.

  3. This little girl kills me, she is so flippin cute and I just want to kiss her all the time!! You better come and visit soon if you're not going to go to Kansas. I will be happy to oblige you with adult talk time ;) You can only talk to an infant so long without thinking you're going to lose your mind.


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