Saturday, March 8, 2008

Favorite Pics

Tim is still home hanging out. The apprenticeship still hasn't been calling anyone out. We are just being patient. Aubriana has been keeping us company for sure. Her personality is coming out everyday. She's figured out how to grab at toys. It's like watching her in slow motion. She sees her hand reaching... reaching.. reach... and she grasps the toy finally! She isn't quite yet rolling over. I make her lay on her tummy a few times a day and she hates it. She gets this angry sound going until you roll her over on her back. It's pretty funny. Tim thinks she'll be crawling before she does anything else. Right now I'm liking that she doesn't move anywhere. So far, I'm the only one that gets her laughing but she does it more and more. Don't get me wrong though, she is a daddys girl. She smiles huge whenever Tim starts talking to her.

The following are some of my favorite pictures I've taken this past week:

She loves the duck puppet that makes quacking nursery rhymes. Thank you Grama Jones!

She fell asleep with her hand on her face. Her hand was slipping down the more she fell asleep and this was the end result. Thank goodness I had my camera right next to me. So funny.


  1. I love the new pictures. Aubriana looks like such a good baby.

  2. I really really really hope that you guys are still in Colorado when we come to visit. I know you want to go to Utah...but it's just a few more weeks! ;) She is so cute she looks totally different again. That hair is a going to be a force to reckon with when she's older. She'll probably curse it every morning and you'll be combing her AND Tim's hair ;)


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