Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dad's Home!

Tim was able to come home Thursday from the storm job he's been working in Kansas for over a week. I, of course, was very excited. I couldn't wait to see him. It's so nice to be a family again. He said the conditions out there were incredible. Power lines were down every where and it was very very cold. I'm just glad he is home safe and sound a few days before Christmas. This is a picture of how much he missed Aubriana.

While he was gone, I was in Costco and found the cute outfit that Aubriana is wearing and thought it would be very appropriate to have her wear it when he got home. I also thought it was too cute not to pass up. I got Newborn size but it still drowns her. Oh well, she'll be able to wear it a little while longer. :)

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