Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Children's Hospital

Because Aubriana hasn't had a bowel movement on her own since she's been home from the Hospital... our Pediatrician ordered a barium enema for her at the Children's Hospital. He wanted to rule out that she didn't have a disease called Hirshsprungs where the colon narrows at the end and it makes it difficult to pass anything through. At first I wasn't comfortable taking her to Radiology for being 10 days old, so I got a second opinion. The second doctor agreed that she needed it done, so I called and reset the appointment.

Yesterday I took her to Children's and she was such a trooper! The only time she really cried hard was when the nurse held her legs down to take the x-rays. She was very very good. I was proud of her. The doctor called later and told me that everything looks great. She definitely doesn't have anything wrong. So, sounds like she just has a really tight bum. So, now I just wait until Wednesday to see if she has bowel movements on her own or if we need to see the gastroenterologist to see if we need to help her for a while. So far last night she had two messy diapers, however, I think it was because of all the stuff they put in her to see her bowels. So, I'm waiting it out today to see if she goes anymore.

Above is a picture Aunt Dana took of her when she was here. It's one of my many favorites! She looks like a berry.

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  1. Nikki! Your baby is so freaking cute! Congratulations! But I have to say that I am mad that I didn't get to see you in Idaho before you had her so that we all could give you a baby shower too! But we will forgive you. (I guess!) We miss you and hope to see you soon! You are doing a great job! Nice work!
    Love me! your cuz Jessica!


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