Monday, May 26, 2008

New Camera, New Pics

Technology is FANTASTIC! I'm in love with my camera. I'm sure I've driven Tim and Aubri and Minnie crazy with all the pics I've taken of them. I needed test subjects, and they were it. Minnie was so annoyed she was trying to hide from me under the covers. Very funny! She's still cute even when she's scruffy. Below are some of my favorite photo's I've taken so far. I can't wait to keep learning more and more.

Lyn was in town for an appt and stopped in to see us. Captured a few cute moments of her and Aubriana together.


  1. Fun pictures! Keep posting them!

  2. Wow you must be so excited to have a new and fancy camera. From the look on Tim's face he is probably wishing that trailer was just a tad bigger so he could find somewhere to hide while your testing it out :)
    Aubri is so cute, gosh I miss you guys! Leif is geting more interested in other babies. He is starting to babble more too, nothing compared to miss talky pants, but more than usual :)

  3. Love the new pics. The dog hiding made me laugh out loud. Put the camera down ... unless it is aimed at that beautiful little girl! (Just kidding ... pictures of you, Tim and Lyn are always fun too!)


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