Friday, May 9, 2008

I thought I've seen it all!

The weather here is CRAZY! My mom says that all things shall give thee experience... haha! Yesterday at about noon, my weather radio was going off like crazy saying there were severe thunderstorms in our county. Well... when there are thunderstorms here, there is a very good chance that a tornado will appear. So, I kept watching the news and they were showing that the storm is right in the middle of our county (Logan County) and saying there were large hail and that people need to stay away from their windows and take cover in a sturdy building. Double HAHA! I'm in a 5th Wheel for crying out loud. The clouds were pretty dark outside but still no rain so I was feeling ok. Then the news came back on and said the storm that was in the middle of our county was starting to head north at about 34 mph. Yikes! We are on the north east corner of the county, right on the edge and it looked to be heading our way. When I looked outside (south direction) I saw a ton of lightning so I grabbed Aubriana and the diaper bag and headed for the laundry room here at the RV park. I had asked the people when we first got here if there was a place I could go in case of a Tornado and they said the laundry room or the bathroom. Nice! Anyway, I was in there camping out for a couple of hours. After nothing really happening except for rain and the hubby on his way home from work, I felt safe to go back to our 5th wheel. We are really blessed where we are cause the very edge of the storm was all that we got, which is just rain. Later on the news we found out that part of our county had 2 tornado's touch down and baseball size hail.

Poor Tim had just gone to bed last night and was woken up by his boss at about 11:30 pm telling him that they had to go out on a storm job. Other counties east of us got our storm but twice as bad. They had 65 mph winds and hail. Tim is out repairing a ton of power lines that blew over with his crew. He said he would take pics for me. I guess they had a barn blow across a highway and everything. Crazy crazy weather here. We are very blessed right now.
(the pictures I included were taken from people in our county and sent to the news station, thought I would share what kind of stuff they show us on the news here)

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  1. Yikes! Glad that you had somewhere to go and that the storm missed you guys! Keep staying safe!


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