Sunday, January 27, 2008

Warm Sunday

After quite a few days of single digits, it finally warmed up outside. It almost made me think spring has arrived. It got up to the 60's today and was a very nice break from the chilling weather. I actually had the screen door opened most of the day and the fan going in the living room. I'm so excited for spring to come. I've definitely had it with the cold and would like to take Aubriana out for a walk without having to make sure she is bundled and her nose doesn't get too cold.

It was also quite the lazy day. Not much going on in our household to speak of. Lots of naps... even our fury children were snugglin up together! :)

Tim loves to style her little patch of hair she has in the back... cracks me up.

These are upclose pics I took of her when she was talking in the video. Her eyes were so huge... had to try and show off her cute eyelashes. The pictures still don't do them justice. You have to see them in person to understand. :)

Aubriana has been getting a little bit more hungry these days. So hungry that she has found her dad's nose to be quite the treat.

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  1. she is growing up sooo fast. What a beauty i tell ya.


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