Friday, January 18, 2008

Growing Too Fast!

Now when we hold Aubriana, she is determined to hold her head up high and stand up. It cracks me up cause she looks so mature. We can't really hold her like a baby anymore... she doesn't like it and starts fussing. It's fun to see all the changes in her but it makes me sad cause it seems to be happening over night. Part of me wants her to stay little forever. Her osh kosh outfit fit her good everywhere but the waist. Isn't she cute?!!!

On a different note. She has poo'd two days in a row all by herself!!! YEAH! I think she is figuring her body out.

Her first break dancin video... no music though, sorry!


  1. Holy Cow!! She doesn't even look like the same little girl! I can't wait to see her again. She does look very serious ;) Too freakin' cute!!

  2. Nicole!! This is your dear cousin Krissa! I just wanted to say that Aubriana is so adorable! Congratulations! She's getting so big... awww :D
    <3 K r i s s a


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