Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Our Aubriana turned 3 on "movember 27!" Thats what she tells everyone when they ask how old she is with her 3 fingers out. She was so excited for her birthday this year!!! We asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she told us a pink cake! Lets just say I haven't been too great in the kitchen lately... so don't judge me on this cake. It was a disaster in my eyes, but Aubri LOVED it! It was pink and what kid doesn't like cupcakes?!

Birthday Girl

her new favorite toys! big girl with lip gloss
Tim bought her a ginormous Jesse doll, cause thats what she wanted and bullseye and woody too. I opted for the lip gloss. The first thing she did when she opened it was put it on her eyelashes. Tim and I screamed, "no! It goes on your lips!" Like she'll ever be in need of mascara, the lucky girl. Anyway, we think the lip gloss will last her another week and be gone. She loves to apply it that much.

taking a sipping break
For her birthday we invited her friend Adam, aka "Madam" as she calls him, to go with us to McDonalds for a happy meal and some fun on the play place. Its too flippin cold here to do anything else! They both had a blast and a bonus, they both got party favors out of the deal. :)

A little bit later in the afternoon we met our friends, the Mickelson family, to go sledding at a park. The picture above is about as much fun as Aubri had sledding. We just had knitted gloves for her, so her hands got cold real fast.

It's like she weighs 200 lbs or something... haha!
I don't know why the above picture cracks me up everytime I look at it. It's like my daughter weighs 200 lbs and the hill was super steep or something??! I look ridiculously weak! Thanks Hubs for taking that picture.

Here's me and Aubs "trying" to sled down the hill. Our sled was a piece of crap (pardon my french)! We ended up just going sideways, but I was determined to act like it was fun for Aubri's sake. :)

Here's a few tid bits about our sweet girl:

-Her favorite color is pink
-She loves watching Toy Story 1, 2, & 3 (no particular order)
-She loves to play with her baby brother
-She likes to sneak up on us first thing in the morning. If we wake her up, she's in a foul mood.
-Mickey mouse playhouse has to be on during breakfast
-Her favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star (she sings it to Timmy when he cries)
-She thinks story time at the Library is the bomb diggity
-She loves to play dress up and build castles out of anything she can find
-She can spot a slide a mile away and play on it for hours if I'd let her
-She has a strong personality but a really big heart
-She can make friends with any kid
-She's beautiful inside and out

Thank you to all our family who called and sang to her on her birthday. It made her day all the more special!


  1. Nicole, please email your address to me. I want to send your family a Christmas card!

    Rebecca Langford

  2. Oh Happy Birthday!! She is sure a cutie! Now really, did you move to Montana? When and what part?

  3. Hahaha! Love that picture of you trying to pull Aubs up the hill! How is it that Tim always gets the funny ones?! We love Aubry so much, I love that her and Leify are so close and have so much fun...with a side of drama ;) Nothing makes me happier than to hear the two of them giggle!
    Oh, and Mickey Mouse clubhose accompanies breakfast at our house too! Both Leify and Soph break out dancing, kills me.
    Love you guys!

  4. Happy Birthday! She really is a beautiful little girl! :)

  5. p.s. i think your cupcake cake is fabulous! No disaster there! :)

  6. I love her big blue eyes! She's such a cute girl! Happy Birthday Aubri! Miss you Nicole!

  7. The cake looks great! I can't believe she is 3 already. Hope to see you all at Christmas time.

  8. What a sweet, sweet girl. I can't believe she's three!


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