Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lynlee's Wedding Pictures

I'm sure a few people have been anxiously waiting for the pictures... sorry!! There were a million to go through (still not completely done) and my computer was working like Crapola... so I finally upgraded the memory on my laptop and got busy. I'm sharing a few of my fav's, the rest you can view on my flickr account.

**I'm just an amateur photographer, learning the ropes, so please don't be too critical while viewing the pictures. Thanks! :)

Lynlee, you were a BEAUTIFUL bride.

DSC_0235 copy
Loved Lynlee's flirty look in this picture.

DSC_0233 copy
Full shot with the Rexburg Temple

DSC_0232 copy
Lynlee bedazzled her wedding shoes. They were so cute!!!

DSC_0347 copy bw

DSC_0372 copy
Everyone that was there at the Temple

DSC_0405 copy bw
I had to share this picture. Lynlee being held by her big Bro Ty.

DSC_0456 copy
All the guys...

DSC_0461 copy
All the Ladies, plus 3 babies in 3 different tummies ;)

DSC_0482 copy bw
Me & my adorable daughter at the reception... pic is courtesy of the hubby :)

DSC_0561 copy
My Mom & Scott

DSC_0547 copy
The single ladies anxiously waiting to catch the bouquet.

DSC_0484 copy bw
Aubri dancing with Daddy :)


  1. Everything looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't believe Lyn is married!! She is such a gorgeous bride. And Nicole, you are such a talented photographer. Amateur my foot! Hey, if you are around here in August or September, I'd love to have you snap some family pics for us!!

  2. Why would anyone be critical? The pictures are amazing! You do a fantastic job!!! Love ya!

  3. They look great! You do such a great job!

  4. nicle i love the pics there pretty

  5. I don't think I have to tell you the pictures are awesome...but I will anyways :) THEY ARE AMAZING!!

  6. YAY you have a blog too! I like blogging so much better than facebook. Lynlee's wedding looks gorgeous, again I can't believe she is married! Your mom looks so beautiful and happy too! Keep in touch.

  7. Good job on the pictures Nicole! Too bad we couldn't get together to some of Mason, but it's totally understandable. I have a blog too if you wanted to add me--it's not private. You could charge money for photos like that by the way!

  8. Great Job Nicole....! Weddings are so fun...and SO CRAZY! Hope all went well for you

  9. She looks SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Those are great pictures. Everyone on your family looks great, I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen you. Some days it seems like yesterday, and some days it seems like it was an eternity ago?


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