Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Little Reader...

Before, Aubriana would just sit and flip through the pages of her book. Now she sits and "reads" her books. It is so funny to hear her little blabbering. It makes me wonder what she thinks she is saying.

I normally have my camera on me so she didn't think anything of me video taping her. In fact, I think she thought she was reading to me. It takes everything in me not to laugh at her cuteness!


  1. She is definitely reading in some language ... if only WE were smart enough to know what she knows!

  2. That's so cute. She reminds me of Aspen here - aspen sits and reads for CRAZY long stretches of time. Its so cute cuz she's started reading to Mia, now.

    Fun stuff! Don't you just love having a girl!?!? And Happy Birthday Aubriana!

  3. hey nicole,this is madeline.i just made a blog.""

    my cousins needed to see some pic of my i put them on my blog

  4. It is funny to hear how similiar the sounds and facial expressions they make are. Too cute.


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