Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bubba Junior Jones

Junior has gone missing a few days ago and Tim and I started searching for him the first day he didn't come back. Normally we let him out during the night and he comes meowing back in the morning for food and sleep. I'm convinced, now that its almost been a week since I've seen him last, that something has happened to him. The last time I cried over an animal was my bird Jack when he died. It is heart breaking to loose an animal because they become apart of your family and your daily routines. So far, since Junior has gone missing, I keep thinking I hear him meowing outside and run to open the door to find him not there. He was an incredible, beautiful cat and I'm so sad that he's gone. Minnie and Aubriana will definitely miss picking on him and I'll miss his laid back attitude with occasional sass. Tim and I would take walks around the RV park where we stay and always find him tagging along behind us. Who's ever had a cat that takes walks?! He survived from being in a house full time to traveling in a 5th wheel to 4 different states in 1 year. He was awesome and will be sorely missed.

Past pics of June:

Found him sleeping like this. I think his claws got snagged in the pillow and he was too lazy to get them unstuck.

Min and June playing

He's hiding from Aubriana.


  1. NIchole, I'm so sorry! :( Nic's talked about letting our cats outside but I won't let him. I would become heart-broken if one of them didn't come back. I got teary-eyed just reading your story. Pets really do become family.

  2. I'm so sorry you lost your cat. Love the pictures, and aren't you so glad you have them to enjoy the memories forever? See you soon ... Love, Auntie Paula

  3. I am sorry about Junior. It is so hard losing a pet. They don't speak, or really anything major, but just love you for who you are. It can't get any better than that. Have you thought about putting flyers up? Maybe someone "adopted" him.

  4. Oh, Nicole, I'm so sorry!! I know you've had him a long time. It's so hard to lose such a loved part of your family. He was a beautiful cat!


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