Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I turn my back for 2 seconds and...

I don't know if she even got most of it in her mouth, but she sure likes blue berry muffins, my blue berry muffin... the little stinker!


  1. What a little cutie! And I love your pics! They look great!

  2. Hehehe she looks hilarious in that picture. Leify is a little food monger too. It was hilarious while we were at Girls Camp he took off full speed across a field (he saw a dandilion) he thought IT MUST be edible and was on his way to taste it. I was laughing so hard. Her little cheeks are getting so chunky I love it!!

  3. You take the best pics! I think you may have a new career! Of course, your little model is pretty photogenic no matter her mood or moment!

    And they only dress up like that for premieres ... so funny. We also saw the Hulk, Supermans, Burger King, Indiana Jones, among others walking around!


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