Sunday, February 10, 2008

Miss Mature

Church was a new experience for us. The past couple of months, she would just drink a bottle and sleep, but now she is wanting to stand up and see everything and talk. She was being kinda loud during the prayer, so I tried to put a binky in her mouth and she started gagging. It was a little embarrassing but pretty funny. Before, people were asking us how big she was when she was born cause she looked so small and now they can't believe she is only 2 months old because of her huge personality. I sure love her! She took an abnormally long nap today and I could hardly wait to see her.

Last night was awful. Tim had to stay home from work today cause he was up sick all night. It was so bad. I felt so helpless but he survived and is feeling like himself again today. I was pretty worried but thinking it was a test of my motherly skills for the future. I think I passed with flying colors except for the fact that I kept asking Tim if I should take him to the hospital. I think I was overly worried but you would have been too if you were me. :)

Ok, thats the update. The above picture is to show just how bad Aubriana wants to grow up. So sad! I want her to stay little forever.

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  1. She is growing TOO fast ... cuddle her up and slow her down. She is pretty amazing! Glad Tim is getting back to normal.


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